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Data sciennce 

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New approaches in statistical analysis

Statistics is old fashion, now data science is the new flavor demanded discipline.

What is statistical learning?

Kuwaiti market and data science.

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Descriping data

Measures of central tendency

Mean, Median, Mode, mid-range, ..., etc.

Measures of Variations

Standard Deviation, Range, Quartile, ..., etc

Detecting for any possible outliers

Using z-scores, Box-plot, Residuals Analysis, Studentized t-test, ..., etc.

Test for Normality of the data

Shapiro test, Kolomogrove test, Histogram, Q-Q-plot, ..., etc.


Test of hypothesis

To test weather there is any significant differences between the groups levels.

for Parametric:

t-test / paired t test, ANOVA, Chi-square

for non-Parametric:

Mann–Whitney U test / Wilcoxon rank-sum test, Kruskal-Wallis H test, Fisher test.

Correlation and Regression

The data for this workshop id about survey respondents from Kuwait population who expressing their feeling about the impact of online training in their performance.

Chart analysis

Results Satistical Interpretation

The best way to interpret your statistical results tables and figures in to see how the scholars in your fields went through the statistical interpretation. But, in this slide, I will provide some helpful techniques to generate the statistical interpretation using the recommendation deep learning system

Useful document


Survey Definition

Woman Empowerment Survey Definition

Statistical Analysis

Here you can find a map that will help you to follow the best track for statistical analysis in SPSS

Best website

Here you can find the best website to help you in how to perform the statistical analysis using SPSS step by step

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