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ASIA Co. is a consulting firm that specialises in the field of data analysis. It was founded in the year 2010. The primary objective of our organisation is to provide guidance to business owners in order to optimise their business outcomes through the utilisation of sophisticated statistical methodologies.


Additionally, we aim to assist postgraduate students in substantiating their research findings by employing rigorous academic statistical analysis techniques. Ensuring the delivery of work at a superior level of quality is a key objective that we prioritise.


Our prospective aspiration entails establishing ourselves as a preeminent authority in the field of business analytics consultancy, catering to the needs of accomplished business proprietors.

The basis of many of our successful initiatives lies in our highly qualified staff. Since the academic year 2010/11, ASIA Co. has undertaken over 100 projects that have been executed successfully.


Our primary objective is to deliver a refined and intricate body of work, achieved through close collaboration with our esteemed international partner. ASIA Co. has established an international agreement with Statistics Solutions (Ltd.) to obtain authorization for the sale of a statistical package within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. This collaboration enhances ACS's credibility in the realm of statistical performance.

Our Mission is

Turning  Data 


Into Business Intelligence

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