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Data Analytics and Statistics
"Statistics is very Easy"

Dr. Ahmad R. Alsaber
Assistant Professor, Phd

College of Business and Economics (CBE) 
the American University of Kuwait (AUK)


About the Training

EXCEL, JASP and SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science) is a tool for the statistical analysis of data. It allows to perform a wide variety of statistical procedures.
Main objective of the course is to provide participants with a basic knowledge of the program in order to be able to use it in a socio-economic context and in the exploration of corporate data. Upon successful completion of this course, and by the end of this workshop; the participant should be able to:

  • Types of Variables and Data acquisition

  • Numerical Descriptive Measures

  • Organizing and Visualizing Data

  • Basic Probability

  • Conditional Probability

  • Discrete Probability Distribution

  • The Normal Distribution

  • Central Limit Theorem

  • Confidence Intervals

  • Hypothesis Testing and Statistical Significance (p values)

  • Analysis of Variance

  • Regression (Linear and Logistic)


A good knowledge of basic descriptive and inferential statistics. It is advisable to have a have a good familiarity with PC operations and a working knowledge of spreadsheet application software (Excel).

Measurements of performance and Certificate:

By the end of this workshop, you will receive a task to implement what you have learned, and once you complete the task, you will receive a certificate from our institution regarding this workshop. 

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