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Day 1

Data management

Download workshop document for day 1. 

Creating a new SPSS Statistics data file consists of two stages:

(1) defining the variables and

(2) entering the data.

Defining the variables involves multiple processes and requires careful planning. Once the variables have been defined, the data can then be added.

Investment Chart

Descriptive Statistics

(1) show the descriptive statistics for the demographics

(2) show the descriptive statistics for the study variables

(3) show the reliability analysis

(4) show the consistency analysis

(5) show the normality analysis for each factor.

Building tables and figures

(1) Generate table and graph for each result

(2) transferee result to MS-Word

(3) Write interpretation under each result

(4) Fix formating to APA Style

Another Example

The national accreditation program in Kuwait: its development, implementation and impact on quality improvement in public hospitals.

Useful document

Here you can find some SPSS books and notes


Here you can find the most useful article that guide you how to choose the most appropriate statistical test

Statistical Analysis

Here you can find a map that will help you to follow the best track for statistical analysis in SPSS

Best website

Here you can find the best website to help you in how to perform the statistical analysis using SPSS step by step

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